Lord napapagod na po ako, but I’m still counting on You.

I’m choosing to trust in You, that no matter what situation I’m in,

the chaos burning in me, I’m still choosing to trust in You.

Let it be You, let it be You that consumes me, in this consuming world.


When I am writing again?

I don’t know,

What I just know this time,

I still want to shut doors from people.


Letter to someone out there.

Dear someone out there,

I know that this world has been so cruel to you
You have experienced things that cause you trials and troubles
Leads you to emotional pain and even battles within yourself
But I am telling you, yes I am telling you for the succeeding days
Things will be worse and become worst,
I have seen and heard some signs about it,
It will confuse you but I am telling you,
that aside from the world that gives you hardships
this cruel world will continue to deceive you.
But I am telling you also not to be afraid of the signs,
take courage there is good news from above,
He is willing to save you from all of this,
Take courage and put your faith to the One who saves
Dear someone out there, can you just please let go of your life?
Can you just please surrender it to Him?
Can you just please have faith in Him?
I am telling you, yes I am telling you, there is still hope when you do.

From someone here.


John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I hope when that day comes

Dear heart,
I hope when that day comes
You are already ready

To all circumstances that happen,
I hope you are ready to take
To accept,

I hope you really are equipped
How to deal with it,when that day comes
I know you’ve gone through so much

That you keep it only for yourself
You have concealed everything
You defeated the battle within your emotions

I know you can do it,
I know…I know, you can

No matter how painful it is,
How difficult it is inside you

I hope those things will prepare you
I hope when that day comes
Dear heart, I hope you are already ready

To those who ask questions

To those who can’t understand.I really want to share what it feels,what it does when,why not you give it a try?:)

What is it really like to have Jesus in your heart?
When you have Jesus in your heart it will consume you whole: your time, your desires, your passion, your heart per se. You will give up so many things. You could lose everything and everyone, even yourself sometimes; yet, know that you will still be okay because He is the one who sustains you.

Sunflower asks a question – http://wp.me/p6kXCr-57

Back to my First Love,and always will.

Have you ever wandered about yourself?
For all the unpleasant extremes
That life throws at you
To wonder of you are still worthy ro be loved?

We have doubts,frustrations and questions
Mood involved,emotions invested
Until it determines your value
For all the life’s unpleasant extremes
It grows us to be weary,everything fades

When all fails,when everything fails
Your love Lord
Your beautiful,unending love remains
It always remains

Back to my first love
And always will
You are truly the one that matters
All I can see is your mercy
You are rich in grace
I can feel your love reaching
You are always there looking (seeing)
Just waiting for me

My heart will always sing
I love You
The cry of my heart will always be
Just want to be where You are
My Jesus


I came to say Goodbye
I came to let you go
So i can start over again
We both start over again

I was lost for a while
But I’m finding myself
And I found myself