My March journey was not a lot different from my whole year’s one, just that I’ve been bombarded with a lot of things.

“There are so many things that should happen.” Yes, sort of my life has been in to that way. And I think most of us are. Things that should be in a particular place, time and where. A “must” be things.

Deadlines here, deadlines there and stress are everywhere. One moment you organize things, then after you have finished, you have to be detailing the other immediately.

Found myself in a disorganize manner and drained. Let loose of the things that I prioritize in the first place. Guilty of mismanaging my time, or always reasoning out, “So little time, so many things to do.” Hoped and wished that a day lasted for 30 hours, so we could get at least a sleep and take rest or aside from having a Monday to Sunday in a week, there is the so-called “other day” ,to say yes to friends and family hang-outs, get ourselves unwind to the things that we want to, to the things we want to escape from. Sad truth and unconsciously found myself letting go of my quality time to my friends, my family, to myself and of my first love that I know He don’t deserve.


In all situatuons of my life God’s Mercy is there. While I’m chasing my deadlines, I oftenly commit mistakes and more oftenly in having shortcomings at different areas of my life.

“Mercy, is something you deserve for the mistake you have done but you have been spared for.” The additionaltruth is that God’s mercy is not only mercy but there is also grace. Mercy and Grace.

I am aware that I don’t deserve the things I have and the things I received.
I know I deserve to repeat some sort of task and work, to start again from scratch and do it all over again but God has been merciful, he don’t let me. (I wanted to share it all one by one but this might be come a novel).
I deserve beating but God has been merciful to me, he gave me His forgiveness and still choose to carry me in His love.

God’s mercy was there, always there, and all the time. I cannot imagine how would I be, where would I be, if His mercies aren’t there in my life. Also His grace and love.

Thank you God for your mercy, for continously surrounding and sending me people that I know I don’t deserve but because of your mercy I still
have them.
Thank you God for giving me my family, I cannot measure how blessed I am.
Thank you God for giving me the peace and joy in the midst of hardships and in that, many times I did fail You but Your mercies always follow me through, holding back your anger and replace it with the lessons that shapes me.

I don’t know how to thank You for the mercy you are giving to me and the grace I need.
Thank you God, for sparing me to the things I deserve and giving me the blessings I don’t deserve.

2018, I’m being more excited to the coming days!
” Lord, sustain me, I ask for your mercy everyday.” Ooops! I think I don’t need to even ask for it because the truth is, His mercy and grace are new every morning.


Here’s some of the behind the scenes and some highlights that fill my March Journey.  ( Hindi ko alam pero ang low quality ng mga photos here 😦 )

Planned Lunch Sunday at Holiday Land Pampanga then gala with our family friends and church mates: This photo is memorable to me. Photo is taken A DAY BEFORE OUR DEFENSE. Troubled of thinking I need to get back agad sa Gapo by 4pm or 5pm para makapag-aral and prepare. They told me to stay and enjoy and I feel forced yet still grateful to pick a dress on the day of my graduation. The happenings on this day, I think it’s a sign na papasa kami ng Defense namin. HAHA. So yun nga, they were telling me to pick a dress for my graduation for June 5 habang nasa pampanga pa raw kami pero yung araw na to is kaka-entry pa lang ng march month and still I don’t want to pick a dress yet KASI NGA DIKO PA ALAM KUNG ANO RESULT NG MAGIGING DEFENSE NAMIN. And I really don’t wanna get my hopes high and also them. Hash-a-tag- feeling pressured! HAHA. But suprisingly! the next photo will tell the story. ( ang arti ko )


March 5, 2018: Candid smiles 🙂 We unexpectedly passed our defense. Thank you Lord! Just wanted to say that ” It’s not all worth it ( pursuing our study, papers and everything), because I know we have passed because of God’s mercy to us. Only through HIm alone” 🙂
Darla, Gracelie, Yours Truly, Agnes and Michael

Got to invite Lee in our church and celebrated the passing of our defense MWUAHHAHAHAHHA Thank you Lord!

A sunday in March: Happy to see Lee gone to church with me and my family and churchmates. Aside from my tummy is full, my heart is full of joy. Thank you God!
A sunday in March: Tummy full beacuse of the good food at Spada, Bataan. Happy Pocket beacuse it’s an eat-all-you can restaurant.
Hashtag family friends.Just found this cute and genuine friendship. Seeing the love for each other from the Lord. My mother dear, ate Joy and Tita Sha 🙂
The Wacky shot: My JPMAP Officers/ family and our Adviser, Sir Jhelo with our Coordinator, Maam. Merlin , our Dean, Ma’am Dimen, and with our speakers in the event of JPMAP Member gathering: Meeting Minds, Sharing Talents.
The normal shot: My JPMAP Officers/ family and our Adviser, Sir Jhelo with our Coordinator, Maam. Merlin , our Dean, Ma’am Dimen, and with our speakers in the event of JPMAP Member gathering: Meeting Minds, Sharing Talents.
My HRDM fourth year family 🙂
JPMAP Member gathering: “Meeting Minds, Sharing talents”
Finally! Our legit bonding 🙂 Happy smiles describes this photo and our experience 🙂
Me trying to strike a pose HUEHUE


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