​”Fall” you said

To me just a singel simple word
Four letters,monosyllabic
Three consonants,one vowel in the alphabet
Analyzing what it means

“Fall” maybe for others an action word
In elementary days,
a simple tense of verb
To let yourself come
Or to let yourself go down

“Fall” a season of the year
Yes,for those on the above the earth’s equator
Yellow,orange and red falling leaves on ground
Then comes the cold, cold breeze of winter
That will make the world turn around

Many definitions I’ve known 
Numerous scopes arises
Countless description have recognized
Different dictionaries published
That defined the four letter word

But when you have collaborated it,
Collaborated with 3 more words,
“Fall,I’ll catch you.” sweetly whispered into my ear
My heart wanted it to define,wanted to answer
But it only speak “Lub-dub,lub-dub.”

My mouth,it tutters to “uhm,uhm..”
Multiple emotions raged,
Oh,nervousness attacks
Eek! To what I feel
Feelings of mine puzzled like puzzle pieces

To make our long story short
Oops! “the long sad story” perhaps be cut
I fall for it,I let myself fall for it.
Fall for those sweet four words you whispered
Not knowing it might be bitter in the end

I let myself because it feels good
I let myself because we we’re mutual
I let myself because I was comfortable with you
I let myself because I trusted you
I let myself because we’ll fall together

Sadly,like a shipwrecked,I trusted you
We made bad investments in the past
You’ve been hurt, I’ve been more
We’ve been dischanted by love
All because I fall and trusted you

“Fall”, it was true to its definition
A season, we are like the leaves
I was the yellow,you were the orange
We painted the color of love together
But after the Fall,winter comes,love went cold.

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