I am not an open person

Neither a close one 

But I want to make “share thoughts”

“Share feelings” “share point of view”

But people will judge you.

So I don’t even try to do it anyway.

Never will I trust anymore.

Tears and Gravity 

There are thoughts of mine
Made to be poem
But some poem of mine,

It…it cannot hold by papers
It cannot be expressed through writings of my pen
and  of my right hand

My mind is a mess for overthinking a lot
My heart can’t contain the confusions it does
How can you possibly write the poem
If the only way for it be expressed

Is by the collaboration of your tears and the gravity?

Hugot sa isang Movie

“Pinagkatiwalaan kita!!!Pinagkatiwalaan kita!!!.”

Mella,wag ka na muling lumuha pa para sa kanya.

Makakaya mo rin sa mga darating na panahon.

Mga damdaming pinipigil,para sa iyo rin yan.

Para sa ikabubuti mo iyan.

Makakaya mo ng walang tulong ng iba.


Isang taong nakikisimpatya.

On (due) process

It was you

Yes I’ve been missing

But please don’t come back

I was fixing myself now;dont broke me again

I’m on the process

But I’m glad that I met you

I’m glad that I will never be the one I shouldn’t 

Unspoken Words 

I never understand myself now

I don’t know anymore

But i know I’ll be okay

I’ll be there,soon…
I decided to move on

I decided not to live in the past

Not to miss you

I decided to let go
Part of letting go is hard

It hurts.

It pains.

Cause on the short span of time,

We’re together,you matter
You have matter (ed)

Why?Why do you matter to me

Is that because that I  love you?

But I did love you all!
“Is that because you build her up?

And let her feelings be used to it.

Used to be accompanied by you?
Awkward laugs

Forcing smiles 

Pabebe responses

Childish actions
She let you see those

You have got atleast a place in her cardiac.”

But no!I have trust issues

Am I pretending to be one?
But how?

How dis you matter to me like this I was unaware

But why?Really why?

I was good at pushing you away.
I tell myself to stop 

To stop feeling this

To stop this “matter” thing 

Its just hard
I decided to move on.

Not to remeber memories with you

I decided to look foward for tomorrow 

I learn that I should cherish every life’s present moment.
To stop being stuck 

Cause I know we will

I will never  had the moment thst was in the past

That to you,will never matter now,anymore.

To someone that matters,that must be like a decade ago.To be forgotten.

But now?

She will be there,moving on,

She’ll let go,everything go.

How much longer?

I was feeling this again

The feeling of my before escaped

But for this time

This time it was light

I just don’t feel the pain that is heavy

Heavier in my heart

But still I am hurting

My eyes hurt 

It hurts because it matters

It hurts because I was resisting every tear 

Every tear that wants to drop

Every tear that wants to come out of my aching heart

Every tear that wants a release

Release from pain I am hurting

My eyes hurt

How much longer should I resist every tear

It hurts on the eyelis of mine

How much longer it will hurt to my heart?

How much longer will it matter?