She was hurt
Badly,she was hurt.
She was hurt badly.
She really was

She feel less of things
Then ask why
She doesn’t know how to
She doesn’t know what to

Things were just at constant
At the most appreciated things that must be
Things were just constant
To the extreme hardships and hurts

But she doesn’t understand sometimes
Maybe most of the times
It was like a flat line in a lifeline
All constant.

She was confused
She was tired
She doesn’t care anymore
But she was unconcious to it

But she feels it.
She knows it.
But why?
But why she feels this way?

Again,just maybe
She was confused
She was tired
She feels nothing

You say she doesn’t care
But did you?
Did you ask her?
Maybe not.

Yes you don’t.
But you want to know.
If you ask her
She wouldn’t tell

She’s not ready
Her name is not April
She doesn’t want to know
But sometimes she knows that she should be

Part of her want to be an April
But the rest of her doesn’t want to.
She was afraid.
She has trust issues.

She thinks people won’t care
They’ll just be curious
They’ll listen
Then nothing happens

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