“I’ll stay here for a while and maybe in time, they will realized that I am right.” No, they will not. Truth is, you are once again.. isolating yourself. You thought it’s going to help. You thought people will miss you. You thought people will reach out sooner or later. Guess what? Most people don’t. […]

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You’ve made bad investments in the past. You’ve been hurt. You’ve been disenchanted by love – that when it’s mutual, it’s going to be happy; that when it feels good, it’s only common sense that it’s right; that when it happens, you can just lay all your plans aside and simply march on. […]

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His Oceans

For when I’m with the sea
Or beside the sea shore
My tired soul finds comfort
As I bend my knees on Your sand
My heart is restored as it hears the waves that calms
All the fears,anxieties and every stress-ing thing
For Your wind fades and dries up all that was fed wrong
And as I my hand touches the waters it was a real relief
And all was calm because of Your creation
I do find comfort in Your oceans
My heart sings..
As the lyrics of the song
“ soul will rest in Your embrace..” So when the waves of my oceans rises,
Ironically I’ll go to Your oceans
Where I surely feel secured with You.

Thank you Jesus,the one who steady us.