no one dared asked me if i was okay

i am tired of understanding people over and over again

tired of giving a kind answer even they don’t deserve it

wouldn’t you mind please? If you could be just a little gentle dear?


We are all here having a lot of problems

We are all here having a lot of things

Priorities perhaps

Things that we give importance


But please be understanding more

because I cannot deal with people anymore

i cannot feel to be good anymore if you’re all going to be like that

i just cannot deal to be good because i am tired…of being patient i guess


don’t blame me for feeling this

because there are many reasons to be one

oh that “P” affects me a lot and that “M” also

Pardon,when the time comes that I can’t understand anymore


But please Phaulyne be a good one

calm yourself

ask the Lord to be one

ask Him for the strength to do so


be a


remember when the time that you are so hard to understand

when you are  at your lowest

when are at your worst

even when you are at your darkest


There is someone who never gives up on you

choose to shower His grace and mercy

who see’s you to be flawed but choose to see you lovely

and choose to love you despite for being unbeautiful you,Phaulyne.


so wherever you are

whatever you are

Please Phaulyne, be a good one:)


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