Pursuing You

I think I’m inlove!”,”relationship goals”,”follow me to the world.”Have this post in social media made you think twice about the status of your relationship in your prime years?Our society is presenting us the new trend of love.The 21st century way,this generation is very conventional to the extent that the traditional is slowly eradicated and some of our values is put at risk.

It is a known fact that a percentage of us begins to like someone at our very young age.Truth to be told we cannot control the feelings that our hearts dictates.That “like” or “love” feeling for someone.You know what they say, “falling inlove is involuntarily”. A mentor of mine at our church always remind us that we should not rush about relationships.”Treat yourself like a princess”,she says, “ You have to prioritize giving attention in loving your family,studying well, and pursuing your dreams”.By all these means, I myself believe that we should not quicken the pace of our lives.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it is bad,but my say is that there’s a time for falling inlove and it’s not yet the perfect time to do so.

Trully that it is a great feeling when you like someone and he or she likes you back,that someones complements you.Every story has a beginning,some may start from “hi” to “hello”, acquaintances,having chitchats,all time text and calls,friendly dates,convincing friends to push you and end up with deeper connections.Most teenagers are manipulated by the butterflies in their stomach.Due to conformity,things are done in a forced manner through the way that was theirs and sometimes going with the flow result to bad situations like neglecting studies, lack of time for family and even teenage pregnancy.

By all means you are fascinated by the stories you see and hear around,you tend to create your own.As a direct illustration,it is you who made everything possible,it is you who work behind the scenes,it is you who manipulated and controlled everything.Isn’t that it is a bad thing to hear from us especially to us girls?Don’t let your story be engineered by you and other’s hands.We do all have our own perfect time in every aspect in our lives that God gives and creates.Let Him tailor every plan for you.Let His hand do your story and then wait for it to unfold.It will be certainly and definitely be unique and exceptional in every way.you will realize that when love,your love, finds you at the right time there is no other story or post or whatever goals they have out there to match it.

This time let’s just enjoy our prime years in the way that is fit for us and invest in our future.We can follow the LEEG acrostic word I’ve learned. L for learn, E for earn,another E for enjoy, and G for get married or the relationship thing.Don’t rush into pursuing a relationship especially to us ladies.Remember it is not our part to pursue, or that love thing.Don’t change the role we are meant to play in terms of our gender and age.For now the best thing to do is to become a better individual until your the Right one for you,finds you.